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The Latch, an Acadian Adventure

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Summary: Amy doesn't want to move away
from Halifax, her friends, her school, or the malls. But her parents have inherited land near Annapolis Royal and they can't wait to get away from city life.

Amy discovers an old door latch, and suddenly she is transported to a world that is strange to her; the world of the Acadians.

How will she ever survive in a time where there is no T.V., no cars, no video games? And, more importantly, how will she ever find her way back into her own time?

Written by Joyce Grant-Smith

Almost Perfect

Cost: 12.95 (USD)
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About the book: Almost Perfect contains essays by eleven contributors from three countries. Some veteran writers join with several new voices to bring you inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking stories of domestic pets unlike any you've ever met. Allow yourself to believe once again in the power of the positive as you follow the many ways in which helping and loving "less-than-perfect" critters helps their human counterparts appreciate what it means to be fully alive.

Joyce Grant-Smith contributed the story Love Is Blind: Colbi to this collection.

Don't Whistle Up The Wind

Summary: Don't Whistle Up The Wind is a chilling tale of the ship BCM Atlanic and her crew on her final voyage through northern waters. This story is availible only through Scholastic.

Teacher Miracles: Inspirational True Stories from the Classroom

Cost: $9.95
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Summary: Good teachers are so much more than instructors in the three R's - they're coaches, therapists, career counselors, and surrogate parents all rolled into one. In this moving collection of more than fifty true stories, teachers and students alike reveal the life-changing moments taking place in classrooms all over the world, transforming - and sometimes saving - young lives. Good teachers can make all the difference-and Teacher Miracles celebrates this special and often dramatic role teachers play in all our lives.

Joyce contributed Seeing Through Tom to this collection of stories.

Dog Tales for the Soul, Volume 1

Cost: $19.95
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Summary: Dog Tales for the Soul, Volume 1 is filled with heart warming, true stories from dog lovers around the globe. Their stories are sure to make you laugh, cry and hug your own dogs a little tighter tonight.

Joyce contributed the story Brindle to this collection.

Happy Endings: Heartwarming Stories of Animal Rescues

Cost: $11.95
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Summary: Happy Endings is a touching, warm book filled with true stories from people around the world who enhanced their own life by opening their heart and home to an animal in need. Some came from local shelters, or rescues while others were strays. However they came together, Happy Endings is a celebration of the wonderful, miraculous things that can happen when you are willing to share your life with an animal in need.

Joyce's short story, Colbi was contributed to this collection of heart warming tales.

Happy Endings, Volume 2

Cost: $11.95
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Summary: Filled with wonderful, true stories about animals who were either found as strays or adopted from a local shelter/rescue, these stories are all about their happy endings.

Joyce's short story, Casey is included in this collection.